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Woow Time Web Based Push Data Time Attendance Software

Woow Time is the only cloud-based solution for automated Time & Attendance to suit most businesses, regardless of their size. Woow Time is designed to help organizations reduce their administrative overhead by eliminating time spent on manual attendance calculations, decrease overall labor costs, and to shrink the gap between payroll policy and actual practice.

The system is built with the latest technology and Relational Database Management System for reliability and flexibility. Users can update and retrieve realtime information from anywhere in the world as long as there is network or internet connection. The system is delivered with a complete set of scheduling and time and attendance reports, which enable validation and reconciliation of electronic time sheets with payroll.

Besides sustaining multiple shifts, rotational shifts and overnight shifts, the system also supports up to an incredible unlimited-columns of clocking schedules, which makes Woow Time a perfect web system for small until large enterprises and multinational companies.




  • Web-based application, so it can be access from anywhere and by anyone who has the authorization
  • Can Support Windows and Full Linux Application, so it would not become any problem for the Operating System at the server
  • Push Technology, which is data transaction transmitted in real time using PUSH method from the reader to the software, so it is not necessary to have schedule or manual data retrieve by admin
  • Multi User Application, so it can be used and accessed by multiple people simultaneously.
  • Software is easy enough to understand and be understood because :
  • All settings can be done through MS Excel and uploaded into the software
  • Software by itself quite easy to understand with the design of WoowTime software structure or manual setting in the software
    • Automatic Report Generation, so admin do not need to process the report manually because the it will be delivered according to the schedule to specified user
    • Daily Report Notification provide inform attendance information automatically by daily basis to specific user
    • Centralized registration to avoid fraud of fingerprint
  • User friendly, quick to install software and easy on connection
  • Business Intelligence with graphic display
  • Self Service of each employee for attendance status
  • Offering “SaaS” so the end user does not need to provide server, installation of software, think about the original Operating System, database backup, anti-virus, software updates, and other things which related to server maintenance


    • Support Fixed Shift
    • Support Postgre SQL Database
    • Support until 250 reader
    • Properly work for Single Company


    • Web Based Software Application With Real-Time Push Transaction Data
    • Automatic User and Data Synchronization
    • Easy
  • and Fast Master Data and Parameter Setting Upload by Excel (Employee, Department, Shift, Roster, Parameter & Holiday)
  • Faster On Processing Attendance Report
  • Support Multi Language
  • Easy Working Schedule
  • Maintenance Directly at Roster
  • Centralized Fingerprint Registration Center
  • Business Intelligence with Graphical View (Statistic By Gender, Age, Late Summary, etc )
  • Automatic Email Notification and Report (Absence, Late Coming Time, Offline Devices, Daily Attendance, etc.)
  • Can Be Integrated With Other Software
  • Support Windows & Linux Environment


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