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Released : Time Attendance System version Software

HIT Time Attendance System – Version 4 Software, is an advance desktop software that provide the instructions for connection between a computer to a time attendance & access control device in a local network system, also giving a user friendly on what to do and how to do retrieval for attendance transactions.
With version 4, its purpose is to complete the attendance software standard version by adding more details and functions to adjust it with common attendance condition and situation, which compatible for medium – large size company/organization/institution.

HIT Time Attendance System – Version 4 Software is a set of complete programs, procedures, algorithms and its accurate attendance documentation concerned with the operation of an attendance processing system. We can also say HIT Time Attendance System Software refers to one or more computer network and data held in the storage of the server computer for attendance purposes. The term was focused to communicate the software to each single of time attendance & access control device, by Wide Area Network, FTP, Modem, Host Name, GSM, even by ACDM ( Automated Centralized Data Management server )



Flexible Group Shift
A feature to perform some grouping when a department has a flexible shift, which in a department has multiple shifts.

Pattern Shift Setting
A features to create a pattern of work hours for an employee to suit with the working hours regulations.

A set up for a fixed pattern of working hours, which is the working hours of an employee already fixed for the desired period.

A set up for a pattern by flexible working hours, which is the working hours of an employee become impermanent, so the system will automatically calculate the hours of check in time with the nearest shift.

A set up for a pattern of working hours by using effective hour, which means an employee is free to do the attendance at any time, as long as it has fulfill  the quota of effective hour which specified in one period.

Roaster Setting
Available feature to view and manually to make changes of working hours in an easy way. In this roaster setting, you can see a complete working schedule during the month that specified by codes and colors.

Overtime Setting
A feature that shows the settings of an employee overtime hour and also to intergrate employees overtime hours an employee.

Break Time Setting
A feature to set the break time of a shift, which by this feature automatically the total of working hours for an employees will be reduced by the break time hour.



  • Report Shift
  • Report Group Shift
  • Report Department
  • Report Employee
  • Report Company Holiday
  • Report Employee Birth Date
  • Report Employee Anniversary
  • Report Employee Annual Statistic
  • Report Employee Recapitulation
  • Report Employee Details
  • Report Employee Attendance
  • Report Employee and Break Time
  • Report Employee Daily Attendance
  • Report Employee Function Key Activity
  • Report Employee Log
  • Report Employee Daily Log
  • Report Terminal Employee Log
  • Report Attendance Summary

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