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HIT – Telkom Joint Sales Activities

HIT Corporation was founded in 1999 which have business address in Korea and Indonesia, HIT have the business focused in developing, manufacturing, marketing & distributing of Application & Solution of Fingerprint Identification Technology. , at 2009 come with their new product for adding their existing leading solution in Biometric and RFID products & applications.

Moreover. HIT being spend for the last 2 years before really aggressively launch IP Camera products in the market.

The HIT IP Camera under the “MagicVision” brand getting the extremely  good response from their current business partners and end users which proven from the demand and the repeat orders.

The main reason of the success due to MagicVision offer Higher Specs , Better Solution and Price the only Different with the others brand which offer same or lower specifications.

And Today, Magic Vision proudly inform that TELKOM,as a leading telecommunication company in Indonesia which listed in Indonesia & New York , choose MagicVision IP Camera to bundle and offered to their existing & new potential customer for their “Speedy” internet service

MagicVision being choosen after long selection which made by Telkom teams with the reasoning :

– Smooth picture transfer due to using H.264 technology

– Clear picture viewer caused by its high resolution

– SD card solution which make the home user no need to invest for NVR or computer for recording and ensure no missing recording even during the connection failure due to the system will automatically switch from computer/NVR recording into SD card recording

– Bi-directional audio, which can apply for tele-conference applications

– Email function, the system will automatically to send the email when captured the object during Motion detection

– Free Mobile Viewer (handphone)

– Free Monitoring Software

– And at very attractive price offered

This sales joint activities bring benefit for both parties and even more benefit to end customer which with Analog Camera budget , the customer can get IP solution which make them can do mobile monitoring “Anytime, Anywhere”

Hopefully, this join activities can bring monitoring live to your hands.

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