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HIT Corporation proudly launched : GATE Fingerprint Mouse

Biometric Security, at least in theory, has been around for more than a decade. But the use of Biometrics for personal applications and user authentication was impractical because the clunky devices were cost prohibitive, inconvenient and intrusive.

Technology has advanced greatly and made Biometrics not only practical, but affordable as well.  HIT Corporation, recently launched GATE Fingerprint Mouse, with our  outstanding “Biometric Fingerprint Encrypted Mouse” a fingerprint scan is required to log-on to the computer, providing access to encryption features, protected personal and financial information, Web sites, documents and e-mail.

As more people rely on computers and the internet to create and store information, personal security and privacy becomes ever more important as security threats from the internet increase every day. Our GATE Fingerprint Mouse combines Biometric Fingerprint Technologies with the encryption algorithm features to offer a single security solution, offering protection against intrusion and data theft.

GATE Fingerprint Mouse comes bundled with software designed to protect sensitive data and make your internet experience much more enjoyable.



  1. Remember Password, Replace user set authentication with user fingerprint, so user no need to type the username & password manually. For Example in social media website, e-banking website, Private Email Account, windows login and application, etc.
  2. File / Folder Protection, Provide 2 easy steps, to protect your file with High security Encryption Method (Three Key Triple DES @ 168 bits).
  3. Windows Log On, Provide secure login, use your fingerprint instead of password typing.
  4. Sharing File, Sharing the protected file to the other user in the same machine.
  5. 360 degrees capture, Easy and Reliable to capture user fingerprint in any position
  6. USER Friendly, Easy to use and learn (guidance available in movie format).
  7. Multi Languages, available in 16 international language.
  8. No worry, all data, file and profile store at user computer. So, if mouse lost, damaged or stolen, user data remain secure. Since no data store in Mouse.
  9. Emergency Policy Override feature, Activate this feature, user can access Windows, Remember Password, Encryption & Decryption File or setting the Gatekey Application by answering “Secret Answer”.


GATE Fingerprint Mouse got lost, damage or stolen?

User could use their windows password to access their file, and if user have a new Gate Fingerprint Mouse simply connect to computer and all authentication available to use.

Someone knows my windows account password?

User could set the access of remember password, windows logon and file Encyrption by “ONLY” use Fingerprint.

Compatibility :

  • Windows operating system : Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003-2008 (For Enterprise Product Version).
  • Windows Internet Explorer, Mozzila firefox

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