Unique Design and Casing

HIT Corporation has built a very unique design which not applicable in the market other than HIT can sell.

For Example :

  • MP4300 : Complete with 3 Color of the Front Casing ( Red, Blue & Black ), to define user to choose the color for the access control products that match with the architecture design.
  • MS8800 : Card reader with Touch Keypad & Backlight Keypad to enrich the product as the elegant access control product.

All the products has complete with unique design and features.

Unique Solution of Hardware Features

SSF (Self Service Fingerprint) Reader, has been developed to replace the Buddy Punching reader and avoid issue software training difficulties. HIT Corporation has built the only features ever exist in the world, which is this reader with built in Software. Magic SSF has completed with 16 departments and 20 shifts from the reader, so user just need to do the setting from the reader and do attendance, then user can view the query report directly from reader & generate report by using USB Flash Disk only and report appear in HTML format already.

Complete Software Solution

We developed the software from the Attendance Software, Access Control Software, Webased Software, Payroll Software with adjustable possibility and the standard software applied as free as support to our partners.

Creative Solution Design

HIT Corporation not only selling the hardware but we also share the ideas to our partners for the unique & specific features that may has benefit to compete in your market besides HIT Corporation has been expand the business as the 1 stop solution partner which we also corporate with 3M by the Health Management System, and we have built the card management for hospital with Mifare Card to restore the patient’s medical history & hospital transactions.

Success Project In Other Countries

HIT Corporation not only success in Indonesia to cover the Biometric market for 90%, but as one of the sample that HIT Corporation also success in Mexico as accomplished the project with Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (The Mexican Institute of Social Security) installed at more than 4.700 facilities all around Mexico country.